What is VIP Reseller ?

Is it good for me ?

VIP Reseller it’s top reseller in the world and exclusive from DamHost

Let’s talk about features,

  • 40 CPU
  • 265 RAM
  • 100% SSD
  • 10 GB Internet Speed
  • LiteSpeed webServer
  • Jetbackup to Amazon S3 Servers !!
  • Sitepad
  • Cpguard
  • Realtime protection
  • Softaculous
  • Free SSL Certificate

Wow All that?


DamHost The Only Hosting Provider or Reseller Provider Who Don’t make Limitations Per Cpanel  !!

  • Unlimited Ram Per Cpanel
  • Unlimited CPU Per Cpanel
  • Unlimited I/O Usage Per Cpanel

Usually All Reseller Provider Set limitation for Resources per Cpanels for 1 GB Maximum and when you have 3 visitors in your site then your Cpanel Ram Reach Maximum !!!  then your Site Down !!

DamHost Does not Do that we like to support our Partners because we grow up together,

Cool Anything more ?,,, of course

The most important feature

Your Brand Or IP

At DamHost, we are not only White-labels Servers,

We make your host under your Company !! for you and your Clients !! so when your clients search for your domain or company will see it’s hosted on your server !!

Not only you !! also your Clients !!

All that features for Really cheap price comparing to all those features,

Damm i am in !!…….

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