Dear Clients,

The new Cloud Servers Reseller is finally here!

What makes our Cloud Servers Reseller different is that not only white label but "Rebranded" means your company name! your Logo! not only that 
Even full cloud site management for you and your clients!

Here are some of the features

You have full control of how you want the cloud server to be!
You can create the resources and plan as you like
Cloud panel management for you and your clients
Free WHMCS module to setup a plan and create a server instantly & client's area to manage the server from there as well!
RAID-10 NVMe SSD disk

One-click rebuild or install any os templates and control panels

Easy to scale or modify the server
Status logs and live resources and system statistics graphs
Resell in 2 different datacenter  Germany & Canada

You can order your Cloud Servers Reseller directly from our website Here

The first 50 people that make an order can get a 60% discount for the first month by using this code: " YIDF07T "

Get started!

Sunday, May 29, 2022

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