DamHost, will very soon launch new Extremely Powerful servers in USA Datacenter, With specification below,

CPU 128 Cores!
Ram 512 GB - 1 TB
NVMe SSD With Raid 10 !!
Private internet speed with 10 GB !!!
Dual power supply !!
Advanced security features!!



RAID 1+0 or RAID 10 is quite similar to RAID 0+1. Instead of striping data between disk drive sets and then mirroring them, RAID 10 duplicates or mirrors the first two drives in the set. As a result, RAID 10 offers the same performance as RAID 0+1 but provides superior data protection.

The advantages of RAID 10 include:

.Improved performance
.Data redundancy
.X6  Higher read and write rate
.High performance and fault tolerance

Some of the major drawbacks of RAID 10 include:

.Consumes effective disk space.
.The effective data capacity offered is half of the total capacity of all the disk drives in the array because the data is striped across mirrored drives.
.It is Slightly complicated to set up.
.More expensive than other levels of RAID.

Hot-swap disks
The hot-swap feature can be used to change or add disks without service interruptions. This guarantees constant uptime for your services.


vRack private network - 10Gbit/s - guaranteed and unlimited
This means the server is delivered with a private physical network — the vRack. This means we can create our own cluster, or include our server in the existing infrastructure. It is fully isolated from the internet,

Those servers will be specially customized for DamHost which means do not exist anywhere yet and it is Exclusive.


If you are interested in having another reseller accounts for the Canadian data centre let us know!

mercredi, avril 28, 2021

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